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Hometown:   Pomeroy, WA 

Currently Lives In:   Watford City, ND 

Favorite Outdoor Activity:   Hunting & Fishing 

Favorite Place:  Anywhere Outdoors 








This mom of one, started fishing at 4 years old in Washington State from the ponds and lakes off of the Snake River by Clarkston, WA and in the Tucannon by Pomeroy, WA with her parents.  “We often went camping and fishing on the weekends. As a young child, I won many fishing tournaments and casting contests.” 


Kylee took her hunters safety course when she was 11, and shortly thereafter had a new-found love for hunting – elk, deer, turkey, and pheasant.  Growing up, Kylee always rifle hunted, but since moving to North Dakota, she has started bow hunting.  “It is much different than rifle hunting but I am still learning and enjoy it just as much, if not more than rifle hunting.” 


She remembers a fun hunting story from her youth, “I had drawn a special tag for a cow elk.  We were out hunting and came across this herd of elk about 1,000 yards away.  We began to make our move but before we had made much headway on the herd, a man on a 4-wheeler came over the hill on the other side of the herd from us.  This scared the herd in the other direction from us.  We ran back and hopped in the vehicle to make some headway and cut the herd off.  When we caught up to them, they were coming up over a hill closer to use than we thought they would be, so I jumped out of the vehicle, ran about 20 yard to get a good shot and without a rest I took a shot at a cow elk that was out in front of the herd a little bit.  It was the most thrilling, fast paced rifle hunt I’ve had.” 










Hometown:  Albion, ID 

Currently Lives In:  Watford City 

Favorite Outdoor Activity:   Horseback Riding, Rodeo, Barrel Racing, and Cattle Brandings 















Charlce is a single mom of one, that grew up in a Albion, Idaho and part of a family that loved to rodeo and horseback ride.  She currently works for the Watford City Police Department, a job that keeps her about 14 hours away from her nearest family. 


“My grandpa raised and trained race horses, along with my dad.” Charlce’s grandparents were 4H Horse leaders for “as long as I can remember”.  “My grandma is still to this day a very passionate Rodeo Queen coordinator.  My mom competes in barrel racing and pro rodeo competitions.” 


Charlce and her son tend to their five horses, and she loves to take him on nice “Saturday afternoon trail rides” as well as compete in rodeos.  “I guess you could say it’s in my blood and is (horseback riding) something I am enjoying passing onto my son”. 









Hometown: Parachute, CO 

Currently Lives In: Watford City 

Favorite Thing to Photograph:  Rodeos 















This mom of a two-year old boy, remembers her first camera, “ it was a Mickey Mouse one…don’t worry I have the real equipment now…” one that she had as a child.  An avid photographer that loves scenic wildlife and landscape photography, she has her eyes set on Equine and Rodeo photography. 


Maria moved to Watford City from Parachute, CO in 2011, when her husband moved this way during the boom.  She has organized several photography groups in the region including Watford City Shutterbugs, which has regular meetings twice a month, and Oil Field Photographers Forum, which celebrates the guys out in the oilfield taking pictures of their every day life.   

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