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Lyndsay Veeder’s New Year’s resolution was to carve out more “me time” …this local mom, business owner (Door 204), and community volunteer often finds herself  “wearing a lot of hats” but knows it’s important to find a balance between life, raising her child, and work.  “I have an hour and a half to myself after I drop Sylas (Wingerter) off to school, I’m able to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the Today Show.  After he goes to bed, I’ve got a little bit of time as well.  Every mom has to figure out how to carve time for herself out.” Lyndsay tries to make time for the things that she loves…dancing, journaling, reading, and still photography as much as she can. 





Born in Grand Forks and raised between there and Watford City, Lyndsay moved to Washington State for college and stayed for six more years before moving back to McKenzie County to be with her family and raise her son here. Her mom, xxx, was also an accomplished dancer, and her love for dance rubbed off on Lyndsay at a young age, she is making plans to re-open her beloved dance studio in Watford City, continuing the emphasis on ballet and jazz classes for all ages, and providing a safe place for children to explore their interests. 


As a mom, Lyndsay now realizes “why my mom was so upset when I didn’t do my chores or clean my room” she is very proud that she has “an amazing relationship” with her mother, and she describes her as “one of the strongest people that I know.” 


Her advice for mom’s moving to Watford City, “Find your safety net.  Find people that believe in you, and you in them. Don’t forget who you are and find other moms that have similar interests.” Lyndsay also said that “social media is a great way to find out what is going on for kids and moms in the area” and notes that new moms in the area should not be afraid to reach out and ask for help. “Everyone says it takes a village, and it truly does.” 




Deciding to run for City Council this year wasn’t easy, but Lindsay her decision to a newfound confidence.  “A few years ago, I was so timid and afraid, I felt like my opinions didn’t matter, I never would have done this.”  She looks forward to working hard to continue to make Watford City a great place for families to want to stay and ensuring that the community has a representative for the art and culture programs in the area, including the Long X Arts Foundation which she is passionate about. 




Looking back, Lyndsay Veeder says she would tell her younger self to “be confident, don’t give up on yourself, believe in yourself, and moisturize!”   




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