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It’s time to hit the pavement whether you are running or walking.  The snow has melted, and our workouts are heading back outside.  If you’re struggling to get back into your groove, or trying to figure out where to even start, it’s important that you “don’t have any expectations other than just to get outside.  Your goal should be to get out and move”, says Shannon Halvorsen, the Founder/Owner of the Roots Running, a running club and coaching business located in Dickinson. “Once you get out in that fresh air, it’s still a little cold, and it can be a shock to your body, so take it easy.” 





Don’t set your goals too high 

Distance should be the last thing on your mind.  Start with moving for about fifteen minutes, and slowly work on your time. “If you set your goals higher than they were in the fall, you are going to be disappointed. If you were running 5 miles in the fall, expect to start at a mile in the spring”, says Shannon.  After you get your endurance up, then look at your consistency.  You should set an initial goal of 3 times per week. 


Go the distance 

After you’ve gotten your time and consistency back on track, then it’s important to look at your distance and pace.   



After the harsh, long winter, it’s hard to stay motivated.  “It’s important to find your network and a community to support, motivate, and hold you accountable.” Halvorson notes. “We all want to get outside, but sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to do so.”  Getting new shoes or workout gear is always a great motivator to get back outside.  


Now that you’ve gotten outside, look at the inside 

What are you doing on the inside (aka in the kitchen) is just as important as what you are doing outside.  “We all need to look at what our nutrition looks like, and how it correlates with what we are doing on the outside, to reach our goals.” Says Shannon. 


Be Prepared 

Cue Frankie the Weatherman.  Be prepared when you head outside.  “Dress for mid-walk or run” according to Shannon, “think about how you are going to feel fifteen minutes in, and what temperature it is outside. That’s what you want to dress for.”  Your shoes should have traction to handle the terrain, and any leftover ice from cold temperatures.  Carry your phone for you for multiple reasons including safety or listening to music or a motivating podcast.  



Shannon’s Trail Recommendations:  

Shannon loves the Crooked Crane Trail, which is a Seventeen-Mile full course around Patterson Lake.  “Once you get out of the main area, it’s not paved, and the footing is a little difficult, but it is very quiet and serene.  This trail brings a non-competitive, peaceful feel to any run.” Additionally, she recommends the “new loop” around Patterson Lake with the workout pods. “It's a little over a mile loop, which is a great place to start. The goal is to get from one pod to the next - do your workout and focus on the next pod. This is a good way to meet goals and break up your workout, it also adds a little variety.” 


Roots Running launched in 2016 by Halvorson who is a certified personal trainer and run coach.  The group meets 2-3 times per week for long runs, quality speed work, and easy runs.  For more information: 


Headed Out for A Workout? Don’t Forget To… 



Even if the temperature isn’t high outside, it is still important to keep your body hydrated during your workout.  Our picks: Hint Flavored Water, Flow Boxed Water, and Kopu Sparkling Water. 



Protect Your Skin. 

Clouds mean that you can still get sunburned.  Make sure to apply a sweat and water-resistant sunscreen before your workout.  Our pick: Hint Sunscreen 


Take your Protein with You. 

Look for a water bottle that allows you to store your vitamins and your protein powder, so you can replenish after a workout.  Our pick: the Contigo Shake and Go 


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