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Hometown:  Bismarck, ND 

Currently Lives In:  Dickinson, ND 

Favorite Outdoor Activity:  Open Water Fishing 

Favorite Place to Fish:  Lake Sakakawea (Van Hook & Skunk Bay) 




This mother of one, started fishing when she was 12 years old.  She had never been fishing before but had heard stories from other kids whose dads were into the outdoors and always wanted to learn how to fish.  While Kayla connected with her dad playing sports, he wasn’t a fisherman. 


“I signed up for the cops and kids fishing derby…I was pretty excited for this derby. It was a tournament that local cops volunteer their time and boats for a day to kids and to help them explore fishing. The derby took place at Lake Nelson, and we were all given our assigned fishing guide and boat.  We then loaded up in our boats and waited for the crack of a gun to take off.  Once our boat took off in the open water, I looked around and was memorized by nature, its beauty and most relaxed feeling that I ever felt.  With water completely calm and my hair blowing it (the lake) didn’t seem big, but it was breath taking.” 


The freedom of being on the water, and the adrenaline and excitement of catching her first fish, “hooked” her, and she kept fishing.   As Kayla got older and got more involved, she started entering tournaments in high school, and has caught the “Biggest Carp” and the “Biggest S--- Fish” awards.   


Now 32 years old, 6 years into a wonderful marriage, and a 7-year-old daughter who she has passed on her love for fishing and camping to, Kayla says there is “nothing more rewarding than seeing the light in her eyes when she catches a fish or when we are traveling down the lake in the boat.  I see the same look that I had and in those moments on the lake fishing I know I’m doing something right. 




Hometown:  Dickinson 

Currently Lives In:  Dickinson 

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Offshore Fishing & Spear Fishing 

Favorite Place to Fish:  Lake Sakakawea 

Favorite Brands of Gear:  Mossy Oak, North Face, Under Armour, and Oakley




This mother of one, learned to fish with her dad as a child.  As an adult, she didn’t have the chance to go much, until she met her boyfriend, who re-invigorated her love for the sport, along with hunting.  Andrea remembers the first time she went spear fishing on Lake Sakakawea and realized that it was “an amazing experience” and leaves people feeling “quite primitive.”  Her newest favorite fishing memory was the first trip with her boyfriend and when she speared her first fish.  It was a “ten-pound Northern, and it was an incredible adrenaline rush”.   


Andrea notes that “being a mom of a two-year old doesn’t make it easy to get outside on adventures”.  She looks forward to the days where she can take her son Grady fishing and teach him everything that she has learned.   


You can check her first spearfishing experience out on YouTube, simply search for “Dark House Spearing with Tom and Andrea”. 






Hometown:  Belfield, ND 

Currently Lives In:  Dickinson, ND 

Favorite Outdoor Activity:   Ice and Summer Boat Fishing, Camping, and Paddle Fishing 

Favorite Place:  Lake Sakakawea 

Favorite Brands of Gear:   Whatever her husband buys for her 😊 


This mom of three has been camping and fishing since she was a little girl.  “My dad, mom, and sister would go camping and fishing at Lake Tschida.  It was the best start to my love of camping and fishing.  My dad would take us out in the boat to fish for Walleyes.  Then, when I was older, my mom, dad, sister, and brother got a cabin at Skunk Bay.  That’s where I met my husband in 2007, and now we go there with our family”. 


Shannon’s favorite fishing story is when her and her sister were out on Lake Sakakawea with her dad.  “Some other person was fishing in close proximity to us and he had gotten a bite, he made it seem like it was a monster, and once he got it in his boat he was whooping and hollering how big it was, it was probably a 1.5-pound Walleye.  Meanwhile, both my sister and I hooked on and landed both of our Walleye’s on the boat, each about 6.5 pounds.  Our whole boat was shaking with adrenaline because we were so excited”. 


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