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Making a splash on the local fashion industry in Western North Dakota are four fashion businesses, that are giving you new options for local shopping and custom clothing; Tumbleweed Boutique (a mobile boutique launching in May), The LulaBin (NE of Dickinson), Red Berry Woman (Mandaree) and Wild Prairie Market (an online boutique by a Mother and Daughter Duo from Dickinson and Mott).





Ranch wife and stay-at-home mom (of a one-year old baby boy – Colt James) Brittani Dennis has always loved shopping, a habit encouraged by her grandmother.   She considered opening a brick and mortar location in Killdeer, but realized it wasn’t realistic for her lifestyle, so she started to get creative.  Brittani, is a native of Billings, MT who followed the man that store her heart (her husband) to North Dakota and credits his help and support in getting this project off the ground.  The Tumbleweed Boutique (which will be inside of a renovated Frito-Lay Truck) will be making the rounds in Western North Dakota starting in May, and will also be available for your parties, events, and private shopping experiences. 





“Owning my own boutique has always been my dream…I am married to the most hardworking, patient, and supportive man I have ever met.  Without him, chasing my dreams probably wouldn’t have been an option.” – Brittani Dennis 

Tumbleweed Boutique 

Owner:  Brittani Dennis 

Find Them:  

Shopping Schedule: 

Offers:  Clothing and Accessories for all Ages, Sizes, and Styles 

















You may have seen “The LulaBin” splashed all over Facebook, and wondered what is this? And how can I shop there? Former Hairstylist, and owner of the Turquoise Rollerset (Etsy Shop), Farra Barnett and her partner Jim Meeker, started the Lulabin in August of 2016.  Looking for something a little more flexible in order to juggle life – which includes a 10-year-old daughter, and desires to take their boat out on the lake on a whim, Farra decided to become a LulaRoe consultant.  






“One of my goals is to maintain a place within my LulaRoe Facebook Shopping Group and the physical structure of The LulaBin, where women feel safe to try on new styles and patterns, where they will always receive encouragement, uplifting words and gestures and a place to laugh and have a good time. – Farra Barnett 


The LulaBin 

Owners: Farra Barnett & Jim Meeker 

Find Them: or @lularoefarram on Instagram 

Shopping By Appointment (27 Miles NE of Dickinson, 24 Miles SE of Killdeer) 

Offers:  LulaRoe Clothing for Children, Men, and Women 












This Michigan Native started selling LulaRoe out of her mudroom, after driving by an old grain bin about a mile from their house, they contacted the owner, moved it, and started designing what is now the LulaBin. 



Mother and Daughter Duo, Denys and Danni Schwartz have always loved to go shopping together and had casually talked about starting an online store together, and they decided to create their own online boutique, Wild Prairie Market in May of 2017.  They focus on high-quality customer service and having affordable, beautiful clothing for their customers.  




“It’s been so much fun to work together and gives us an excuse to be able to communicate many times every day!  Creating Wild Prairie Market has been the perfect blend of loving fashion and letting the artistic side of our personalities shine” – Danni Schwartz 






Wild Prairie Boutique 

Owners: Denys and Danni Schwartz 

Find Them: 

Online Shopping and watch Social Media for Pop-Up Shops 

Offers:  Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories for Women. 











The duo ensures that they limit the number of items that they carry because “no one wants to see their favorite piece walking around on multiple women in town”. Denys was born and raised in Dickinson before moving to Bismarck where she resides now.  Danni was born and raised in Bismarck and now lives in the Mott area.   


Norma Baker-Flying Horse is a mom to four step-children, and one of her own.  By day, she is the executive assistant to the CEO of her tribe, and three affiliated tribes in Mandaree, ND.  By night, she’s the creator of custom fashion, that has graced the red carpets of Hollywood.  Red Berry Woman started when Norma began creating custom Native American dance outfits and evolved into creating every-day and formal clothing that is adorned with items that represent her Native American Heritage. 




“I had several people reach out to me inquiring how to purchase my work because what I did was exactly what they were looking for in clothing.  I found that a lot of Native Americans wanted to showcase their traditional work through their business clothing, special event clothing, and even their everyday clothing.  Being able to find a way to showcase our designs and our cultural aesthetic through every day fashion is something I truly enjoy doing.” – Norma Baker-Flying Cloud 





Red Berry Woman 

Owner: Norma Baker-Flying Horse 

Find Them: or 

Fittings By Appointment 

Designs: formal and semi-formal clothing adorned with Native American style design work 

















Her gowns were recently worn on stage at the 2018 Academy Awards, and she counts Ashley Callingbull (a former Mrs. Universe), of the Cree Nation in Canada as a fan of her custom work.   


ICYMI:  See our coverage in the April 2018 issue on Lillian’s Boutique’s return to the social selling scene. 







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