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There are so many threads that weave a community together, and some of the most important threads are the non-profits that pick up where individuals, businesses, and government entities drop off.  This month we talked to the leaders of three non-profits that are making a difference in our community daily, who all stressed, that if you don’t have money to give a non-profit, the best way to get involved is to volunteer your time.  Every little bit helps.





“I love that United Way of Dickinson helps all people from all walks of life. I love that United Way of Dickinson does not make you choose one nonprofit over another because they are all equally important. United Way of Dickinson is local from its one employee to its volunteer board members and everything donated to United Way of Dickinson. The board ensures that monies donated are used legally and ethically.” -Nichole De Leon, Director


Established in our local area in 1961, United Way of Dickinson, is the collective power of people working together toward long-term solutions that bring about changes and solutions that are important to the community. These changes are essential to improve the quality of life and truly help build the future of greater Dickinson area.  The Dickinson branch is locally managed, and not ran by United Way Worldwide.  The money that is raised here, stays here, and is distributed to local non-profits and helps to fund the organizations own social service programs, including the Drug Free Communities Coalition, and Project H.E.R.O., which helps struggling families pay for school lunches.  The United Way of Dickinson also organizes a yearly “Day of Caring” to help those in our community do things that they couldn’t normally do on their own, such as cleaning yards for the elderly and handicapped.






“Hospice is truly in your heart!  You have the opportunity to meet amazing people and hear their life stories and see them through one of the most difficult journeys in their lives.  For me personally and I know the staff I work with feel that it is truly a gift to be invited into people’s lives and help them die with comfort and dignity.  That is a right everyone should have in this world.”-Wendy Baumgarten, Director


Established locally in 1983, Hospice serves Dickinson and our surrounding communities in the neighboring seven counties.  The organization focuses on improving the quality of life for individuals and their families faced with life-limiting illness and a life expectancy of less than six months.  The primary goals of hospice care are to provide comfort, relieve physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering, while promoting the dignity of terminally ill individuals by a highly skilled hospice team.  Care is provided wherever the patient lives, whether in a private home, nursing home, or an assisted living facility.





“These Police K-9’s are trained to protect us and others, to work for us and die for us.  But what most don’t see is that they live to be with us as well.  When that retirement day comes, and a handler walks out the door to go to work, leaving his partner behind, a little piece of both dies.  Every retired handler has seen it and they all tell a similar story.  As I enter the twilight of my K-9 career with my second and final partner, my passion for this path I have chosen only grows.  But now my gears are switching to developing new dogs and new handlers for our department, hoping and seeing to it that they enjoy the successes that I have seen, through the training, hard work, and the time that it takes to become a successful team.”-Sgt Corey Lee




The Dickinson Police Department K-9 program was first developed and implemented in 2005, to help rid our community of illegal and illicit narcotic substances. The program also aids in education of drug awareness and crime prevention in the school system as well as in the community at large.  The K-9 Teams also train in evidence tactics as well as tracking and apprehension of dangerous subjects.



For More Information:


Executive Director:  Nichole De Leon

(701) 483-1233




Director: Wendy Baumgarten

(701) 456-4378



Sgt. Corey Lee

701 456-7759



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