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North Dakota is a special place for those of us that love the outdoors.  This month we talked to Jared Schultz and Gwen Hubbard about what they love to do in the outdoors and where their favorite places have been to hunt.  Make sure to follow their adventures on Instagram!


Jared Schultz

Hometown: Jamestown, ND


Favorite Outdoor Activity:                Bowhunting


Favorite Place to BowHunt:              Carrington, ND





Instagram: @stuckmeoutdoors


Favorite Gear:                               Get Hushin’, Sitka Gear, Scent Lok, and Under Armour


Other Hobbies:                         Photography



Jared was raised in a family that does hunt and fish and took it upon himself to learn.  This self-taught fisherman and hunter, learned through reading and watching online hunting programs.  Jared prefers to spend his time outdoors to himself, and while his favorite place to Bowhunt is Carrington, ND, he loves to fish in the sloughs around Jamestown.  If you follow Jared on Instagram you’ll see he is also an amazing photographer (self-taught) and loves to capture images from his hunts and fishing trips.






Gwen Hubbard


Mott, ND


Favorite Outdoor Activity:

Rifle Hunting


Favorite Place to Rifle Hunt:

West of Anchorage, Alaska







Favorite Gear:

Badlands Packs, UnderArmour, NightForce Optics, GunWerks














Gwen credits her brother with teaching her how to hunt and fish, learning how to run trap lines with him on the way to school in the morning.  While she loves hunting on her family’s property in Mott, she regularly spreads her wings and loves to hunt in Alaska, Utah, and Wyoming.  Alaska, is where Gwen says was the “most physical and mental” hunting trip that she has been on.  Joined by a girlfriend, Anna, that lives in Alaska (who was five months pregnant at the time), they were flown in by float plane into an area west of Anchorage.  After harvesting a Moose, the girls were tackled with getting it back up the mountain.  Luckily her friend was a rock climber, and quickly was able to tie a series of pulleys to help them pack the meat out.  Gwen loves fishing as well, and you can often find her on the ice or open water.








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